Chase Pan Replacement

The chimney chase is a decorative surrounding that covers the metal flue inside the chimney.  It's usually made of metal and over time can rot or rust.  Once the chase goes bad, water and even small animals like mice and birds can have easy access into the chase and into the house.  The following are some examples of before and after pictures of chase pan replacement jobs.

Example 1

Here you see the chase pan is rusted and no longer keeping the rain out.


Here is another angle showing the worn out chase pan. The chimney cap has been removed.


Now the chase pan has been replaced and the chimney cap repainted and reinstalled.


An additional image of the final result.




Example 2

 Here is an image of a worn out chase pan and a prefab two part chimney cap.


 This image shows the new chase pan installed and the chimney cap reinstalled.


Example 3

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