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Chimney Caps / Top Sealing Dampers / Dryer Vent Guards

Chimney caps keep out birds, squirrels, raccoons, leaves and debris. Remember the main reason to have a chimney cap is to protect the liner system of the chimney from water erosion. When water enters the chimney, it erodes the mortar between the flue tiles doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the chimney. Or another option would be a Top Sealing Fireplace Damper.
Click Here To Visit Lyemance top sealing dampers reduce heat loss, and eliminate down drafts when the fireplace is not in use. It seals out sleet and snow, keeps out rain, birds and insects. Also saves on air conditioning costs.  Below is an example of just a few of the chimney caps we carry on our vans. We have the largest inventory of chimney caps in the area. Every van is stocked full with various sizes. Custom chimney caps are available as well.


The Stainless Steel
Chimney Cap

The Copper
Chimney Cap

The Top
Sealing Damper


Custom Chimney Caps

Designer Chimney Pots

Custom Chimney Caps

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