Cast In Place Process -  The Supaflu System - STEP BY STEP
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1. The A Clean Sweep reline team arrives to the work site at the scheduled time.

2. The fireplace opening is sealed off and drop cloths are in place to prevent any debris from entering the room.

3. The existing clay flue tiles are removed from the chimney to make room for the new system.

4. All openings and or weak areas in the chimney structure are braced and reinforced before the former in installed.

5. The Supaformer, an inflatable rubber former, is lowered and guided into the clean chimney flue.

6. All necessary equipment and materials are strategically placed where needed to prepare for the pumping process.

7. The Supaformer is then inflated and centered within the flue with the use of spacers. The chimney in this picture will have three new flues.

8. The area around the damper plate is also sealed off to prevent mix from falling into the firebox.

9. The Supaflu mix is prepared on site and is pumped between the Supaformer and inside of the chimney wall.

10. After the mix has set, the former is deflated and pulled out, leaving a smooth, round highly efficient and safe flue passage.

11. A new crown is poured at the top of the chimney to seal out water.

(This step varies depending on your estimate and agreement of work to be completed)

12. A new chimney cap may be installed to prevent water or animals from entering the system.

(This step varies depending on your estimate and agreement of work to be completed)

13. Depending on the condition of the back wall one or all three walls will be rebuilt.

(This step varies depending on your estimate and agreement of work to be completed)



Repairs & Relining

Should your chimney need repair to the flue liner system, we offer the Supaflu Chimney Relining System. We can properly reline a masonry chimney to restore it to code. The Supaflu System comes with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to a new prospective buyer of your home. If your chimney has a stainless steel liner, we also replace stainless steel liner systems. If a system continues to be used without relining, it could result in a chimney / house fire or the release of poisonous carbon monoxide gases into the house. For more information visit their website at

Supaflu is a unique and effective method of lining or relining masonry chimneys. By using the "cast in place" technique, the Supaflu system actually eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild a deteriorating chimney, particularly ideal for restoration work. Because there is no need to tear down and rebuild, real cost savings are substantial.

A Supaflu installed liner is an excellent insulator against excessive and dangerous heat transfer from the chimney to surrounding structure. It is a better insulator than any other kind of flue liner currently available. Its high insulating property keeps flue gasses hot and buoyant for rapid escape. Condensation resulting in the build-up of creosote and soot in the flue is significantly retarded. Because the outer chimney surface stays cool, the risk of igniting a fire around the chimney is minimized. Please call the office for references.

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