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Scheduling on-line is very simple and we respond in less than 72 hours. To schedule on-line, just fill in the information below and click send. You are not scheduled until we contact you and confirm your appointment time and date. Once we respond with an available date you must confirm or respond within 24 hours or the time slot may no longer be available.  Specify whether you would like a visual level 1 or a level 2 inspection.


Make sure you understand the difference between the different levels of inspections and which would apply to your chimney.
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- Fireplace / Chimney level 1 inspection: $155 
- Fireplace / Chimney level 2 inspection: $165

(LEVEL 2 INSPECTION) - This type of inspection is required for home closings if any problems arise from the  
   inspection, a detailed report with pictures will be provided within 48hours.

- Fireplace / Chimney level 1 inspection and cleaning:$199
- Fireplace / Chimney level 2 inspection and cleaning:$210


- Wood stove insert removal/reinstallation for cleaning: $275
- Furnace cleaning: $250

- Dryer vent cleaning: $150


-Monthy Special: Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning with Dryer Vent Cleaning : $300

- Chimney caps installed lifetime warranty: $150 - $350 stainless steel masonry caps
- Pre-manufactured chimney caps for non-masonry chimneys: $325

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