Pre-manufactured Chimney & Firebox Replacement
(These systems must be replaced in the event of a chimney fire)
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1. The A Clean Sweep crew arives and begins removing the old damaged chimney liner.

2. Portions of the old sections of pipe have been removed making room for the new system

3. Here a worker is removing some of the final sections of pipe.

4. As you can see looking from right to left the damage to the pipe. The right side of the pipe shows discoloration indicating the damage.

5. This is an image of the old firebox.

6. The slate pieces around the outside of the firebox are removed to make room for removal of the old firebox.

7. The old firebox is completly removed to make room for the new system.

8. The old system on the left is out and the new system on the right is ready for installation.

9. The new firebox is carefully moved into place.

10. The new chimney system is ready to fasten to the new firebox.

11. The firebox is attached to the first section of new pipe.

12. The crew works their way up the chimney adding a section at a time.

13. The slate is replaced along with some new woodwork ready to be stained. The system is now ready for use.